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From Clients of Leading RPA Vendors

Our Solutions

RPA Consultants utilize industry-leading Automation vendors including UIPath and Automation Anywhere.

UIPath Testimonials

UIPath is a highly flexible automation platform which has repeatedly been recognized as a leader in the automation sector. UIPath robots are frequently praised for being highly customizable, fast to deploy and simple to maintain.

As a business we are really pleased with the results of our RPA implementation. We managed to deliver the first use case into production in a relatively short space of time, and are now rolling out other use cases in other processes. We always believed that the nature of our business lends itself to robotic automation and we are thrilled at how quickly we have been able to see tangible results.

Barri Maggott

Curo Fund Services

When we started, we didn’t really know too much about RPA. UiPath let us experiment and learn. It’s speed of development and deployment meant that if we did make an error it could be rapidly sorted and cost us almost no time or money.

Andy Carter

Morrison Utility Services

Rather than just proving the technology concept, the pilots became business critical as soon as they were delivered. We were able to show that RPA could move from concept to deployment in weeks not the six to nine months that people were used to – even with agile projects.

Shaun Williamson

Department for Work and Pensions

Automation Anywhere Testimonials

Automation Anywhere is among the most popular RPA vendors today.  The naturally intuitive design process makes AA suitable for a broad range of tasks, from simple data manipulation to complex business processes.

Automation Anywhere helped us achieve significant financial recurring value in less than 15 months.

Scott McMahon


We were amazed at how fast the benefits accrued. Our bots reduced the days to order and beat the manual process by 32% after just four days in operation.

Director of Risk Technology & Execution

Top 25 US Bank

We have achieved a 50% increase in customer service efficiency in the branches where front office automation has been implemented.

Jorge Ivan Otalvaro